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Are you really using all the power of
Facebook Live Stream to broadcast
from your computer & grow your business?

Whitney was desperate. 😕
But when she started with Facebook Live ...
Updated by Xavier Lannes:
You will flip when you read that, but I have to tell you that this is what really happened and that can not be changed ...

It was the winter of 2007. Whitney Handsen was sitting in an old chair in front of her window, staring desperately at the persistent rain that was falling outside her home in Boise Idaho. She was looking for answers. The truth is that she was bankrupt. She had more than $ 30,000 in university debt and, due to the financial crisis of 2008, she could not pay for it.

For years, she struggled to find a job that paid enough to repay her loan as soon as possible. But her job as a massage therapist in a spa was barely enough to survive. Much less to repay her debts.

At the same time, she was studying. And, like many, she had a small blog and a Facebook account. Thanks to Facebook, her blog grew, and she started earning a couple of bucks. She felt that her blog was his salvation. But Facebook's algorithm changed. Facebook reduced the reach of her posts from 80% to 40%, then to 20%. Her blog was no longer working... She had lost her source of income and the possibility to pay her student loan...

But, things changed in 2017.

Facebook had just launched live videos on its platform. She decided to take the bull by the horns and took online courses to learn how to perform live on her page.

She quickly found the most appropriate way to do it and started broadcasting her videos on Facebook. Her luck changed almost instantly and the followers started to flow in... So much that it sparked her interest in personal finances and led her to pursue an MBA while continuing to make live videos on Facebook about how to pay off her debt and control her financial destiny. Eventually, she personally advised over 400 people about their finances.

Whitney acknowledged that she had been able to create her financial advisory business thanks to Facebook Live.

Now, in 2019, she has thousands of followers on Facebook and, thanks to Facebook Live, she bought a house, and her business grew towards annual sale of $ 700,000 ...

Stay with me until the end, and you will understand why this story is important...

What happened to Whitney can happen to you because ...

Facebook Live Stream is really
A watershed!

  • Do you have a Facebook page that has been almost inactive because you do not know what to publish to get the attention of your readers?
  • Do you think the only way for your posts to appear on Facebook news is to buy Facebook ads?
facebook live stream

The answer to these questions is Facebook Live because this tool:

  • creates new followers
  • re-ignite your followers
  • engages them in such a different way that they feel fantastic
  • re-illuminate your passion

Imagine how good you will feel when your followers:

  • participate and interact with your page and with you
  • click on the like button
  • leave comments while you are live
  • ask questions live
  • feel completely in tune with what you are saying

You already know that you need to do Facebook Live Stream Broadcast.
You are just unsure how to do it right...

Would you like to connect with Facebook Live, and incorporate in your live broadcast:
  • multiple cameras
  • YouTube or personal videos
  • pre-recorded interviews
  • double, triple, quadruple screens
  • external images
  • special effects never seen before

Imagine you could live stream the same way as in this video below

Generate more interactions with your followers!
Improve your sales and profits ...

Why use Facebook Live?

-- >> Because it's still free << --
(Hurry, it might not be forever ...)

Let me explain then ...
facebook live stream

If you're here, it's because you know that something on your Facebook Page does not work as it should.

facebook live streamThere are a lot of benefits to using Facebook LIVE to create and grow your business very quickly.

And if you're not using the tools that Facebook gives you, then you're losing it, big time.

Look at your competition: they are live on Facebook right now:
  • talking to your prospects & customers
  • improving your image
  • selling advice, consulting, products, services
And you, you're still thinking whether this 2-hour training will be worth your time...

While you're thinking about it, your competitors are growing their experience, they're getting better and better, and the day you finally decide to do it, your competition will be so advanced that you will not be able to reach them anymore...

Look at everything you're missing
if you are not using Facebook Live Stream...

That's because today, Facebook represents the biggest audience in the world.

Before going on, let me explain what Facebook Live is:

Facebook Live is a live video streaming platform that was developed in 2016. Originally, it was meant to be used only by the best influencers, but then Facebook was opened to the public in 2017.

It is the newest strategy to promote and sell products on the internet.

But, very few people still use it, and the tool is so new that almost nobody teaches you how to do it ...

Over the last 2 years, Facebook Live has become the best way to interact with customers in real time, answer questions and get an accurate estimate of the interaction with your customers.

Check these Facebook Live Stream statistics:


The popularity of the search for "Facebook Live" increased 330% since the launch of Facebook Live

High generation

Live videos from Facebook generate viewing times 3 times longer than those that are NOT live

Platform for media

500% increase in live videos from media companies between January & May 2018


Facebook Live videos produce 6 times more interactions than traditional videos

Live Broadcast

The daily viewing time of Facebook Live broadcasts has grown more than 4 times.

House of producers

Every day, Facebook users produce more than 3,000 years of viewing time

House of Influencers

The influencers won $ 50 million for using Facebook Live

House of Executive

59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text.

20% Live

1 out of 5 Facebook videos (20%) is a now live broadcast and growing

Sales Increase

Retail sites with video increased conversion & sales by 30%


The main stars of social media saw 20% or more on Facebook Live visits

Favorite Format

80% of your customers prefer live Facebook video to read a blog or web articles


To date, almost three billion people have watched Facebook Live broadcasts


92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others

Compelling Content

Compelling content is the primary motivator for live online viewing.


The transmission of Facebook Live has quadrupled in 2018 (x4)

Small Businesses

Facebook has 80 million pages of small and medium businesses

B2B + B2C

Facebook is the main platform for B2B and B2C companies

5 times more

On Facebook, people watch 5 times more a video than static texts & photos


30% of mobile buyers say that video is the best way to discover new products

facebook training by xavier lannes

You realize that if you are
NOT broadcasting Live on Facebook,
You're missing all that!

facebook live stream I understand that these are many statistics!

They can even give you a headache.
But all those numbers just mean that:

The rest of the world is on Facebook.
And you should be there, too!

Why do you need to start now with Facebook Live?
  • Facebook Live is a totally profitable video strategy (it's free)
  • it generates a lot of interactions for your campaigns and product launches
  • it improves the connection with your audience using live video
  • it generates more traffic
  • you can collect real-time information about the interactions and performance of the video

Facebook Live Stream is easier than you think, you just need to learn it...

From the desk of Xavier Lannes.

Dear friend, I'm Xavier, the director of MyAdGency.Com and I've been working as an Internet Marketer for the past 15 years. xavier lannes
And let me tell you that Whitney's story is not unique... Would'nt you love to be like Whitney and create greater incentives to sell more of your products and services?

Wouldn't you love to know how she did it?

Wouldn't you like to have more:
  • followers?
  • interactions with your customers?
  • sales?
If the answer is a resounding YES ...
... then this is the most important article you will ever read.

How to participate more?

Use Facebook Live.
Facebook Live helps you connect with your audience right away!

Broadcasting Live on Facebook is easy ... If you do not know, it's not your fault, it's because nobody taught you!

All your competitors already use Facebook Live as question and answer sessions to:
  • attract your followers
  • collect comments about your products and services
This type of interaction has proven to be the most effective in generating a long-term fan base and setting up a platform to drive products.

In 2019, Facebook Live will be the largest mass source of traffic for your business.

What you need is; a short, intense, deep course that teaches you to use Facebook Live ...

Introducing the Master Course...
Facebook Live Stream"

Facebook Live Stream: How to Broadcast from your Computer means:

facebook live master xavier lannes
  • More followers
  • More interactions
  • More visits to your website
  • More orders
  • More sales
  • More satisfaction for you

There's nothing like using Facebook Live.

In this Facebook master class, video after video, I'll show you exactly how it's done, so you can do it by yourself...
  • how to start with Facebook Live
  • how to win more followers
  • how to sell more of your products and services
This training will reveal my best advice for the use of unknown tactics that only a select few know.

And you can be one of them!

You have the opportunity to see everything:
- I explain everything to you.
- There will be no conjectures.
- All you need is just a couple of hours to learn everything, and you'll be ready to start using it instantly.

What is your learning style?

facebook live video training

65% learn better by watching a training video *
→ My training is on video
facebook live video training

65% learn better by reading a PDF or eBook *
→ I have the transcript in PDF, Cheat Sheets & EBooks
facebook live video training

65% learn better by listening to audio in the car, at home or at work *
→ My training is in an audio file
facebook live video training

65% learn better with homework *
→ My training has a lot of exercises
Whatever your learning style, I have it handy!
*It won't add because of rounding ... 😊

In this Facebook Master class you will learn how to:

facebook live master xavier lannes
  • start using Facebook Live: become an expert in just 2 hours
  • how to use facebook live
  • get used to the interface & configure its settings
  • create your first transmission and what functions to select when you do it
  • work with the configuration when it is issued
  • quickly & easily schedule your live event
  • generate your link so you can invite people to live
  • schedule your Facebook event from your PC
  • use the configuration settings
  • organize your ideas correctly before starting them
  • use the free facebook live streaming software
Learn in your own time:
facebook live video training

You like to watch! You can see this Master in any device: your mobile, your computer, your laptop, your tablet ...
facebook live video training

You like to read! You can read this Master while you are watching the video, listening to the audio or at any other time
facebook live video training

You like to listen! Listen to this Master wherever you want: in your shower, your work, your car, jogging, in the super, and even at home!
facebook live video training

The course is made with:
  • 40 videos
  • 40 PDF
  • 40 MP3 audio
  • 5 homework
  • 5 templates
  • 3 cheat sheets docs
Reserve your training now!

First Part: Basic Training
  • Video 1: overview
  • Video 2: necessary mobile equipment
  • Video 3: mobile equipment not necessary but useful
  • Video 4: desktop equipment needed
  • Video 5: desktop equipment not needed but helpful
  • Video 6: live in your personal profile
  • Video 7: sharing your cam on Facebook live
  • Video 8: live on any page
  • Video 9: going live into a group
  • Video 10: going live on your page
  • Video 11: live from your mobile
  • Video 12: downloading your video
  • Video 13: FB study for creators
  • Video 14: FB library for creators
  • Video 15: FB secrets of the study for creators
  • Video 16: FB monetization
  • Video 17: launching platforms
  • Video 18: copyright management
  • Video 19: preferences
  • Video 20: live in multiple groups
Second Part: Advanced Technique
  • Video 1: overview
  • Video 2: why use OBS for your Live Stream
  • Video 3: download OBS
  • Video 4: install OBS
  • Video 5: video adjustments with OBS
  • Video 6: scenes & sources of work
  • Video 7: start with the camera
  • Video 8: techniques for audio
  • Video 9: techniques for visualization
  • Video 10: stratification techniques
  • Video 11: connection between OBS and Facebook
  • Video 12: solve connection problems
  • Video 13: download Streamlabs OBS
  • Video 14: installation of Streamlabs OBS
  • Video 15: scenes and sources of work with Streamlabs
  • Video 16: scenes in Control Screens
  • Video 17: turn on the audio & video
  • Video 18: how to work in the studio
  • Video 19: connection between Streamlabs and Facebook
  • Video 20: streamlab or OBS
Why you need this Master:
  • It is true, you can start a live transmission on Facebook from any mobile or smart phone. But without a professional guide, your attempts can do more harm than good
  • Video apps like Periscope, Snapchat, Houseparty or Meerkat come and go. What was used a year ago, is no longer used today, so this course comes with a lifetime: whenever I make updates to the course you will have access without any additional cost
  • If your transmissions are of poor quality, if you do not have a plan, if you do not have a focus, what does this show about your business? It's not fair, but it's true. People judge a book by its cover. This course will teach you how to use various angles, cameras, points of view, screenshot, special effects...
  • Your goal is to make transmissions that instantly attract the attention of your client, and invite you to return to your page again and again to learn more about you and your products or services
  • This workshop will give you the clarity you need to make each live broadcast part of your digital marketing, through your website, blog and social networks to instantly create a meaningful connection with your prospects & strengthen it with current customers
  • Immediately leave a fabulous first impression to your audience
Imagine all that you could do with facebook Live Stream
broadcast live in front of a large audience, as television conductors do, (because Facebook Live is a pocket TV), only to the people you want to serve use techniques to include several people
And now, stop imagining
Because all the following is what you are going to be able to do after watching my videos. That is what you are going to learn. What you will learn in this Facebook Live course:
    facebook live master xavier lannes
  • Make high-quality transmissions through Facebook Live
  • Mix several angles, cameras, points of view, screenshots
  • Organize and monetize your own video conferences on a free platform
  • Professionalize your online training services
  • Assemble your first TV studio in your office/house
  • Learn how to perform streaming through Facebook Live
  • How to use facebook live
  • How to make live broadcasts from your Facebook profile
  • How to make live broadcasts from Facebook groups
  • How to make live broadcasts from a page of followers
  • How to make webinars from Facebook Live
  • How to prepare before transmitting live
  • How to go live in facebook event from computer
  • What to do during the broadcast to keep the audience hooked
  • What to do after the transmission
  • How to optimize your video to have greater reach
  • How to optimize the video to position your personal brand
  • How to recycle shared content on your Facebook Live
  • How to add fun effects to live broadcasts
  • My tricks to sell more with Facebook Live
  • How to promote your Facebook Live
This Master is for you if you are:
  • businessman or woman
  • leader
  • account executive
  • public relations
  • artist
  • reporter
  • life coach
  • facilitator
  • yoga instructor
  • lawyer
  • infoproductor
  • doctor
  • architect
  • dentist
  • image consultant
  • real estate agents
  • psychologist
  • designer
  • community managers
  • bloggers
  • entrepreneur
  • consultant
  • business owner
  • another independent professional
Or simply if you are a creative person who wants to learn new strategies to promote your brand & attract more customers through Facebook Live Stream Broadcast.
facebook live video training

This course is NOT for you if you do not:
  • have an account on Facebook (you will have to open one)
  • have a high speed Internet connection (with at least 4mbps of upload)
  • think winning the trust of your clients is important
  • have basic computer skills
  • have a computer equipment of medium capacity processor of 2.66Ghz, 4-8GB of Ram
facebook live video training

Likewise, this course is NOT for you if you are not:
  • willing to show up AND connect with authenticity
  • an action-taker
  • clear about what you do and what your business is about. In this course, we will not spend time finding out
facebook live video training

Finally, this course is NOT for you if you:
  • don't need more clients
  • have a blog, but nothing to sell
  • hate being seen
  • don't want to interact with people
  • are skeptical that no one will pay for your services
  • don't want to go the extra mile for your customers
How much would you pay for a method that would allow you to triple, quadruple or multiply by 10 the number of interactions you have with your Facebook fans?
Here's an example: Imagine you want to go to the University: facebook live video training
  • The minimum would be $ 15,000 per year (well, if you go to USC the cost is $ 45,000 per year)
  • You study a lot for 4 years & take complicated exams
  • When you graduate you discover that everything you learned is already obsolete
  • You start working & you realize that nobody explained how to implement in a practical way what you have learned
  • And that's what happened to Whitney (do you remember the girl from the beginning?)
In conclusion: you have paid a lot of money, you have invested many years of your life, & you are the same or worse than before you started studying. Also, that happened to Whitney ...

Now, here is the question you have to ask yourself. Wouldn't you pay up to $ 5,000 if you:
  • knew a method with which you will be the number 1 of your sector
  • could learn in a few days
  • would have a list of clients that do not stop growing for free
  • were earning much more money than you invested in your training?
Ask yourself: How much money am I losing because I did not apply this method before?
I have a very good news
Although the Master could have a value of $5,000, it will not cost you that.
Nor $ 2000.

The real price of the Master is not $5,000 but $897.
And you agree that it is an insignificant price compared to everything you can get.
Because you are recommended, I want to do something very special for you and get $500 OFF in scholarship if you register now ... Very few people are lucky enough to receive a scholarship in their life. They only give it to extraordinary people and really committed. And I believe that you are a special person, very committed. Each person who has the will to start a business is precious... That's why I want to GIVE YOU the SCHOLARS coupon and $500 OFF because I don't want money to be an obstacle for not enrolling in the Master & not be able to change your life and your business. ONLY IF YOU BUY NOW You can use this SCHOLARSHIP for I do not have to pay $ 897. You have to use the SCHOLARS coupon
If you register now, the Master will only cost you $ 397. You have to use the SCHOLARS coupon
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Don't you think this is an incredible offer?

How much are you willing to invest in your business' most important tool?

Today, you can get this course with a unique & highly discounted investment of $397

Today is your lucky day...

Many people who try to solve things on their own end up losing a lot of time, feel frustrated & end up with nothing.

That's because they go round-&-round, they follow bad advice & they just don't get the right roadmap to success.

This series of videos will prevent that from happening ... When you invest in this training today, you watch how I do it ... and you reproduce it.

It's that easy.

And without wasting too much time, I'll make that offer so good that you can't miss it.
Only $397 Still thinking about it?
OK, when you enroll, I also gift you these courses.
They are FREE for you.
Facebook Video Foundations

Training guide - search traffic to take advantage of videos on Facebook (valued at $ 197)

This step-by-step training guide will take you by the hand & teach you how to easily focus on the type of people you are looking for & how to identify them by location, demographics & interests.

You can also get a SCALABLE flow of instant traffic & convert it to COLD HARD CASH. AND,

You will learn with me the Facebook ™ video strategies that I implement daily for small businesses, including the content management options that will streamline your publication process.

Reasons to take this Facebook training right now!

  • You have lifetime access to training
  • Every time there is an update, you can download the update
  • This course will teach you how to optimize your Facebook ™ videos
  • It will help you easily reach potential distributors & team members!
  • Make the most of social media video marketing
  • What you will learn in this course is original, tested on MyAdGency.Com and on all my other websites
  • This training has been written by & for small business owners
  • Not only I am an entrepreneur like you, but I also have a Marketing Director Certification
  • So you can go back to what you do best, run your business!

Complete monetization guide to take advantage of your videos on Facebook (valued at $ 297)

Facebook Video Foundations This step-by-step training guide will take you by the hand and teach you how to use Facebook ads in an automated way to generate a constant flow of new prospects.

With this new system, you do NOT need to buy any app. You are going to have to learn how to work this system for free & YOU are going to have to implement it. But once implemented, you can let it work alone, or you can give the management to one of your employees because once done, you only have to monitor sales to change details if necessary.

The most important thing about this system is that it is made so that only potential customers (defined by you) enter the sales funnel. This generates more sales than other strategies that do not focus on the client.

Another characteristic is that, as it focuses on POTENTIAL CLIENTS, your acquisition cost is much lower. With the same budget, you reach more.

Reasons to take this Facebook training right now!

  • It has 13 videos to understand how to monetize your Facebook account
  • Every time there is an update, you can download the update
  • The Facebook ™ training video is very detailed!
  • This course will teach you how to optimize your Facebook ™ ads
  • It has 13 MP3s to listen to in your car
  • Make the most of social media video marketing
  • What you will learn in this course is original, tested on MyAdGency.Com and on all my other websites
  • This training has been written by and for small business owners
10 ways to create the perfect online videos

Guide (valued at $ 17)

10 ways to create the perfect video...

Would you like to know everything there is to know about how to create the perfect video?
Master the art of creating VIRAL videos! Video marketing is increasing. In this guide, I explain how you can get involved and create high-quality videos for yourself!
This is what you will learn in this guide:
  • How to plan your video production
  • How to use movements
  • How to use loops to open & close
  • How to supercharge your content
  • How to add music & soundtracks
  • How to add titles & graphics
  • How to optimize your video
  • How to use your video software toolkit
  • And much more...
Facebook Video Foundations

Extensive Cheat-Sheet (valued at $ 17)

How to advertise with Facebook ™ & generate more revenue...

This Cheat-Sheet is a very useful checklist that you can print & use to take easy measurements at every step of the process.

Divide all training into easy-to-follow steps, so you can make sure you have all the tips you are taught in training at your fingertips. This will help you keep track of your progress to easily achieve your goals.
Facebook Video Foundations

Facebook Ads Mind Map (valued at $ 7)

Thanks to this Mind Map, you will have access to a full niche research report regarding the Facebook ™ videos:
  • tools
  • training courses
  • forums
  • affiliate programs
  • demography
  • web seminars
  • infographics
  • facts
  • case studies.
Facebook Video Foundations

Top Resources Report (valued at $ 17)

In this report, you will have access to a full niche research report regarding the Facebook ™ videos::
  • tools
  • training courses
  • forums
  • affiliate programs
  • demography
  • web seminars
  • infographics
  • facts
  • case studies.
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facebook live video training
If after 15 days you think that this course is not for you I will return 100% of the money you have invested.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, just contact me within 15 days from the date of purchase and I will make a 100% refund immediately.

I want you to have the experience of doing live videos on Facebook again & again. Make it easy, fast, functional, attractive & that you get what you have proposed.

For this reason, you can access the course with my 100% money back guarantee for 15 days. But, it is important that you begin to implement as soon as possible what you will learn in the videos and complete all the exercises before making a refund. I know that if you do them in the proposed order you will have results.