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Bring In cold prospects! Predictably transform them into buyers & ascend them to business evangelists!

The problem of any business is threefold:

  • Acquire Prospects
  • Transform them into Customers
  • Retain & make them Repeat Customers


Discover how to build an automatic prospect magnet system
(so that you can focus on doing what you like most)

A business does not exist without paying customers. But even before people go to your website to buy your products, they need to know that:

  • they need to realize that have a problem (awareness stage)
  • that problem needs to be resolved
  • there is a solution out there that can resolve their problem
  • your company is the one that has the best solution for their problem(s) (buying stage)

From the awareness stage to the buying stage, your customer goes through several stages.
Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

If you want to be successful in your business, you have to understand that ALL customers go through those different stages. And you need to draw a strategic agenda for your business that your customers can follow.
A lot of business owners & marketers are deep into their business. When their business does not perform as expected, they know something is wrong. But because they are too close to their problem, they don't see the big picture.

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That's what this training will give you:

  • relationships with prospects
  • perspective thinking
  • focus
  • strategy
  • continuity

After you acquire this training, you will be able to:

  • create ad or campaign sequences that perfectly align
  • generate awareness, engagement, & buzz for your business
  • identify your company's marketing shaky spots
  • fix the areas with the most opportunity for improvement
  • achieve an overarching marketing strategy
  • grow your revenue

This Training will Provide you with a Reliable & Duplicable Way to Obtain:

  • - New Prospects,
  • - Customers
  • - Advocates

This training is not a "miracle drug" that delivers overnight success. Instead, you'll get a structure to constantly convert people -those who had never heard of you before- into customers & even into promoters who will refer their family, coworkers & friends to you.

Sneak Preview of the "Customer Value Journey" Success Mapping!
(Click below to get real...)

Your Business Strategic Roadmap

The "Before & After"

Customer Journey Campaign Blueprint

From The Desk of Xavier Lannes


I started internet marketing in late 1999. Since then, I have implemented almost every form of internet marketing. First from website designer, to coder, to blogger, to graphic designer, I have now evolved to email marketer, funnel specialist, copywriter, & content marketer & hold a dozen certifications. I have applied the customer value principles to my own websites and to those of my customers.
Always defining a winning strategy.
Those are the values that I share with you in this training.

xavier lannes certified internet marketing content
Xavier Lannes
Certified Content Marketing Specialist

Use those Processes to Bring More Leads Into Your Business...
...Without Losing Time Trying To Re-invent the Wheel


Your Business Strategic Roadmap
Have you seen the big-picture roadmap?
That's the one you need:

  • to create a unified & sticky marketing strategy
  • to make it work for ANY type of business

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • the 2 critical issues you must resolve about your business
  • how to gain the basic knowledge you need to intentionally & predictably convert cold prospects into passionate new leads, buyers, & even advocates of your business
  • the #1 most common mistake you need to AVOID

Do It Yourself

Done For You

The "Before & After" Framework
This visual Framework will show you how to:

  • Discover why people don't purchase your product, service, feature, or even benefit…
  • Define your 5 "states" for each of your customer's segments to reveal the true value of your products or services
  • Learn how to capitalize on your prospects’ hunger for transformation in order to create a copy that addresses their deepest challenges & needs
  • Master the use of "before & after" states to design compelling images, videos, & copy that will give your offer a persuasive & emotional appeal

Do It Yourself

Done For You


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Customer Journey Campaign Blueprint This immediately usable blueprint will help you

    - Apply the 2 things that every ad campaign MUST have - Get access to the exact same process we go through at MyAdGency.Com to define our campaign parameters so that every marketing campaign is set up for success - Discover the big campaign mistake that most newbie marketers make (and why you need multiple campaigns to effectively move prospects through each stage of your marketing funnel) - Understand how to leverage a famous zoologist’s insights into human relationships to design marketing materials that make your prospects feel comfortable throughout their experience with your company

Do It Yourself

Done For You

How To Bring More Leads Into Your Business...
...even if You Don't Have Time To Go Through The 8 Steps Of The Customer Value Journey!

If you could start all over again with growing your customer base, what would you do differently?

I get it, this training is awesome, but sometimes, you don't have enough time to go through a training...
No worries, I have the solution:
Wouldn't you prefer me to do you value journey for you?

I can offer the Done-For-you Customer value Journey assessment
This assessment takes a couple of days to complete.
But you will bring more leads into your business without losing time trying to do it all by yourself...

What are some common misconceptions about growing your customer base?

  1. 1. I can do it alone
  2. 2. Marketing is easy to do
  3. 3. Mapping and strategizing does not take time
  4. 4 Copywriting is my second nature

If you are one of those above, you have enough power purchase the training to DIY, so purchase the training.

Otherwise, just let me do the assessment for you...

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