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Discover The 4 Basic Principles That Will Help You Engage & Retain Customers For Life & Make Them Buy Again

There are only 3 ways to grow your business

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Acquire New Customers

Customer Acquisition refers to obtaining new consumers through a variety of methodologies & systems for managing customer prospects & inquiries that are generated by a variety of marketing techniques & online tools.

customer attraction advertising adgency in Los Angeles

Retain Customers

Customer Retention is a strategic process to retain existing customers through onboarding satisfaction, support, training, follow-up, engagement, segmentation, personalization leading to commitment by multiple repeat purchase.

customer attraction advertising adgency in Los Angeles

Maximize Customers

Customer maximization consists in identifying & capturing maximum potential from existing customers by wowing them and shifting the marketing load to them by converting them to brand advocates, evangelist or ambassadors.

Of course, you can't retain customers if you don't have them. If you don't have any, or don't have enough customers, MyAdGency can help you with that. Just go to "Acquiring Customers" to get a full crash-course -and a free eBook- with all the strategies to bring in new leads. This part is for business who have enough customers - or for those who know how to bring in new customers- but want to leverage the pool of customers they already have.

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OK, if you have a problem with customer retention, we can help

Actually, customer retention is one of our 3 specialties

Here are some of the biggest reasons why customers defect:

  • Customer's remorse
  • Poor customer service
  • Absence of follow up
  • Lack of customer appreciation
  • Customer's needs are ignored
  • Unexpected issues non resolved

If you have one of those problems, obviously you have a big problem with customer retention. Maybe you attract customers, but since the money is in the repeat customer your marketing journey leaves you poorer than expected... So, to keep your customers happy here's what you need to do:

1) Focus on customer satisfaction

  • create an onboarding process
  • analyse how your customers use your products
  • monitor complaints
  • gauge your customer experience

2) Improve your Customers' Commitment

  • offer free training
  • offer support with tickets or chat box
  • conduct a survey w/ churn questions

3) Keep personalization at the center of your strategy

  • segment your database
  • personalize your offering
  • talk to your customers
  • offer loyalty programs

4) Use marketing tactics for repeat transactions

  • follow up
  • upgrade metrics & processes
  • use cross-sell, up-sell & downsells
Now, you can Do It Yourself (DIY)
or it can be Done For You (DFY)

Your choice:

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100% free extensive article with processes, tools, case study, free printables... You're welcome

Done-For-You: contact us, tell us your goals, sleep tight, we'll do the rest... You're welcome

All of this sounds great, but maybe

OK, all of this sounds great, but what if you don't know:

  • what an onboarding process is
  • how to create an exit survey
  • how to segment a database
  • how to personalize an offering
  • what loyalty programs look like
  • how to install a chat box on your website
  • how and where to get the metrics
  • what are cross-sell, up-sell & downsell

By reading the DIY article,

  • The exact, 4-step process we use at MyAdGency.Com to satisfy, strenghen, commit, personalize & retain customers
  • The simple “AIDA principle” that converts prospects into clients like crazy
  • A simple little Matrix that tells you when your prospect is ready to switch to a full-fledged -paying- customer (and not before)
  • The simple tools that we use to make complex purchasing processes more simple
  • The simple Matrix that we use to nurture content within the whole funnel

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