Someone stole your identity.

Now you are the one who's in jail.

Introduction 1
What is Identity Theft? 2
How Did They Steal My Info? 3
What Do They Do With It? 3
Identifying Identity Theft 4
When Your Identity Is stolen 7
Step 1:  File a Police Report 7
Step 2:  Close Your Accounts 7
Step 3:  Initiate a Fraud Alert 7
Step 4:  Fix Specific Problems 11
Step 5:  File a Complaint/ID 16
Liability 19
Security freeze requests 20
Checklists 28
Preventing Id theft In the future 30

This should never happen to you:

Imagine you’ve just come home from a long day at work.

The mail is here. More bills. It’s just what you need after all the stress from a presentation that is already past deadline. You open your debit card statement.

You didn’t buy much this month – just some groceries and some clothes. Halfway up the driveway you stop. The statement shows an overdraft. You had more than $1,000 in your checking account the last time you took out money and now you are more than $50 in the negative.

You’ve finally saved up for a car. You’ve been waiting to get your very own car ever since you graduated from college. You’ve just picked out a beautiful little blue sports car and the salesman is off putting together the paperwork.

Just as you are ad- miring what will soon be your new ride, the salesman comes up with a sad look on his face. “It’s your credit,” he says. “I’m sorry.”

You finally found the perfect pair of shoes! You can’t believe they have your size, too. The salesman rings you up, but there is a problem. Your credit card has been declined even though you hardly use it.

The police knock on your door.
They have a search warrant.

They inform you that your name, address, and phone number has been connected to a Web site containing child pornography.

But you’ve never built a Web site. You only use your computer for balancing your checkbook & checking your e-mail.

What happened?

You just became the last victim of identity theft. All of this just because:
  • Someone has obtained access to your checking account or stolen your debit card.
  • Someone has ruined your credit history by opening credit accounts in your name that haven’t been paid off.
  • Someone has gotten a hold of your credit card number, either by stealing it, hijacking your computer, or by any number of other ways.
  • Someone has used your personal information to conduct illegal activities.

Now that your credit history is ruined and you are in debt for things you never knew about, you can’t qualify for an auto loan to buy a car or pay for those perfect shoes. You could be in danger of being arrested for something you didn’t do.

And now you are in jail...

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