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Write & Sell an Ebook in one month, Even If You Think You Can't Write or Think You Aren’t Enough of an Expert

So, your dream is to write and make money with eBooks.

Awesome! A lot of people are dreamers, but they still need a little push to go from a dream to the reality. No worries, you found the push.

That's true, you know writing an eBook is not impossible (if others can do it, why not you?), but you are unsure where to start.

the ultimate guide to create ebooks

Hi, I'm Xavier Lannes

I have written dozens of books and eBooks and I'd like to share this with you.

When you write down your to-do list, you find those issues:

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you find a topic?
  • How do you actually write the eBook?
  • How do you format your eBook?
  • How to create the cover?
  • How to choose a selling title?
  • What do you do when it’s done? And so on

Of course, you can try to figure all this out for yourself. After all, that's what I did. But believe me, that will take ages.

woman writing the ultimate guide to create ebooks

I printed my first book back in 1979, but I published my first ebook in 2010. Needless to say, it was a complete failure. I spent several months writing it and never sold a copy.

I ended up giving away my eBook for free; as a printable download...

That's when I decided to focus on articles for blogs. Life was good! Some of my articles gathered more than 70,000 likes. Still, I thought I was not good enough for eBooks...

But finally, in 2016 I started again. I sold my first eBook for $1. After writing more than a dozen eBooks at $1, I wrote an eBook for $7. At the time, I was selling more $7 eBooks than all my $1 ebooks altogether. Then I jumped from $7 to $19.99 and finally $29.99. You would think a $29.99 ebook ought to be incredibly awesome.

Wake up call! That "awesome" thing has nothing to do with awesomeness... It is simply what a lot of people call "experience."

Introducing: The Ultimate Guide To Create Stunning eBooks

The Best Ebook Writing Workshop on the market.

The "Ultimate Guide To Create Stunning eBooks" Writing Workshop is comprehensive, yet simple, practical and to the point.

It’s free from all the hype you find everywhere and contains real-world strategies that have worked (and still work) for me. These are the strategies I use day and day out here on all my websites and particularly at MyAdGency.Com.

In my experience, I found that writing and selling ebooks is somehow overwhelming if you don’t have a process. Something that people sometimes call a system.

I already said that the book is quite comprehensive (meaning it's quite long - 100 pages), but that's really what it takes to understand all the process I have in place to get most of my ebooks and courses. Of course, don't think you can read the guide in a couple of hours and absolutely never believe people when they say you can write an eBook in a couple of hours. Maybe if you have a lot of experience, you can write a PDF tip-sheet in a couple of hours, but not an eBook.


woman writing the ultimate guide to create ebooks

I'm not trying to discourage you, but I simply don't want you to purchase the guide and think that the Universe will do 90% of the job. Don't laugh; some people tend to think so, but remember that God only helps those who help themselves.

Plus, this guide has a structured set of materials to work through. That is designed to help you minimize overwhelm and get real results.

At the end of this guide, you’ll either have all the tools (including a lot of eTools) to write and profit from selling ebooks for the rest of your life. Chances are you will already have written one.

This is what you'll get!

the ultimate guide to create ebooksThis is a guide, which means that you’ll instantly get access to all my knowledge and experience...

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get when you join:

  • Chapter 1 How to write content
  • Chapter 2 How to write compelling content
  • Chapter 3 How to structure the content of your ebook
  • Chapter 4 How to choose a selling title
  • Chapter 5 Formatting: How to get stunning PDFs
  • Chapter 6 Designing your cover

Here Are Some Details about the Guide

Chapter 1: How to write content

Guess what? Writing is the easy part of creating an eBook. But this chapter will give you a lot of tips that will help you with your creation, not only for eBooks, but for writing in general.

Instead of using complex language to convey a point, write plainly and clearly. Simplicity is the most compelling way to teach readers to make them understand the new concepts you’re providing.

Simplicity is also true for all your marketing efforts, such as email-marketing, CTA buttons, and landing page creations. “Clarity trumps persuasion.”

This Chapter will give you insight about how many pages your eBook should have, how to choose your topics, how to brainstorm, how to use FREE eTools. There is a big section on management: managing your time, when is the right time to edit and format, how to establish a writing patern and how to concentrate and elimninate distractions.

woman writing the ultimate guide to create ebooks Pages 19 and 20 of the guide

Chapter 2: How to write compelling content for eBooks

how to write an ebook on 30 days

Writing a blog or an article is different from writing an eBook. This chapter will teach you how to communicate your thoughts clearly with an emphasis on readability and shortness. Your style matters, but you must remember to use short words and avoid lingo.

Do not try to impress your audience, you are not writing an eBook to show-off your knowledge, but to transfer knowledge.

Finally, there is a section to learn how to avoid the dreaded " blank page" and even advice from renowned writers.

woman writing the ultimate guide to create ebooks Pages 31 and 32 of the guide

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You can read this eBook on your desktop, on your laptop, on your smartphone. But if your prefer, you can download it, print it and use the guide as a workshop. That's the actual purpose of the eBook.

To order your eBook, just click below.

how to write an ebook on 30 days

Chapter 3: How to structure the content of your eBook

The best place to start structuring your ebook is by using an outline. For this, you can draw a mind-map, work backward and write lots of lists.

Not only this Chapter contains all the techniques for that information, but it also has information on how to start your 1st Chapter and if you feel overwhelmed on how to outsource your writing.

woman writing the ultimate guide to create ebooks Pages 37 and 38 of the guide

Chapter 4: How to choose a selling title

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woman writing the ultimate guide to create ebooks Your eBook cover is one of the most important aspect of your eBook

Chapter 5: Formating: Ho to get stunning renderings

Of course, when you have finished creating your text, you need to format it to render it in a PDF format.

In this Chapter, you will learn the different types of PDF and all the formatting tips, including how to choose the right font, how to edit your images, how to convert your MS word documents into PDF and the #1 tip most people always forget that could make or break a well-designed eBook.

woman writing the ultimate guide to create ebooks Pages 49 and 50 of the guide


Chapter 6: How to design a great eBook cover

It is a fact; people DO judge an eBook by its cover, so your cover has to be stunning. The cover of an eBook should have the same effect as a resume: attract your prospect so they want to have more information of its inside and click on "view more". You only have a couple of seconds to do so, so your cover not only should be artistic (i.e., nice) but give enough information about the content of the eBook.

This chapter will show you how to design a great cover by using the right typo and the right images. Additionally, it lists the #1 eTool that everybody is using (for free) to get amazing covers.

how to create a stunning ebook cover Pages 55 and 56 of the guide

Chapter 7: How to sell your eBook on line

how to sell an eBook on your website Pages 65 and 66 of the guide

Chapter 8: How to use a Landing Page to sell your eBook

how to sell an eBook with a landing page Pages 87 and 88 of the guide

Order your guide now

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Chapter 9: More ways to sell your eBook

Chapter 10: How to promote your eBook and increase sales

So, What’s the Big Deal about that Special Offer?

Just ask yourself, what would you do if you could write eBooks by yourself? Can you imagine what the value to have the skill to write and sell eBooks?

These same skills that I am teaching you in the guide can be used for any type of content you may need, from blog-posts to email sequence, to online courses and programs that you could sell for $200, $500 or more. Thinks about it, if you sell only one eBook after that, your ROI will be 100%...

This guide is worth $79.99, and that's what I thought about charging to start with. I planned to charge more for this workshop (think $99), but eventually I thought $49.99 was a reasonable launch price. So, $49.99 it is during the launching period.

Remember that when you get it right now, you’ll get access to any updates if and when I add new material and upgrade it. That's the real beauty of an eBook. I can update it instantly and you can go and download it again without having to purchase a new book (like in the physical world)

But right now is the launching window. During the next 2 weeks, this guide can be for your for $49.99, $19.99. But you have to act fast because the launch ends in 2 weeks

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The Launch Price Ends in:

>>>>> For a limited time only <<<<<

To order: that's below... &#1F603;


YES! Please send me one ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CREATE STUNNING eBOOKS , that help small business owners like me grow their businesses for $49.99 only $19.99.
I understand this is a launch price that will go up after 2 weeks.
So, I want to With The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CREATE STUNNING eBOOKS, For Just $19.99!

Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme. All information provided on MyAdGency.Com is based on best practices and for educational-purposes only.

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