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Why is it?
  • we are always browsing the web in a rush
  • we’re opening multiple tabs
  • we seek quick fixes to our problems
Therefore, when a person arrives at your page, they have to immediately understand what you are offering them.

They want to know if you can help solve their problems.

And, they want to know it NOW.

Your landing page is the first greeting that a potential client receives from you.

It should be your first smile, your most seductive look.

The first impression is more important than you may think...

A home page is something like greeting somebody for the first time at a party.

The first seconds are crucial to

As you know, if you don’t connect with someone at the first meeting, it’s going to be difficult for the relationship to have success.

That is why it’s so important to have an irresistible landing page

Irresistible… for who?

For your ideal client

The problem is that you probably don’t know where to start

Perhaps you have boasted of your ability to write texts for your landing page on other pages

And, sincerely, your content does not reflect your authenticity Or perhaps you may have postponed even writing the texts for your web page because you block up and start sweating every time you try

Basically, you still have the same titles, pictures, and texts up.

Let me tell you something

If your copy is not selling, it’s because your visitors perceive you as merely another one of the same tired bunch

You’re not showing your authenticity

You don’t even have a unique valuable proposal that can connect you with the people you can help.
To sell coaching, therapy sessions, ebooks, trainings, & other services, you need to show your authenticity to connect with your clients at first sight!
So, answer with sincerity:

Do you talk about your clients’ real problems? Or do you limit yourself to deciding who you are, what your curriculum is, and what you do?

Do you have a well-structured landing page that is oriented toward a single objective?

Do your texts emotionally empathize with potential clients?

And what about your titles: do you know how to write to awaken and maintain interest in the reader so they can continue reading your texts?

Do you know what a Call to Action is?

Do your CTAs really motivate the user to truly “act now”?

In general...

Do you think that your texts can improve so you can transform your personality and professionalism into a brand?

Feeling insecure when writing texts for a page is a more common problem than you may realize.

It would happen to me as well until I learned everything I know about persuasion and emotional copywriting.
If you feel uncomfortable with the texts on your landing page or if you have thought about launching your new professional web page to sell your services, I’d like to help you.

Because on the Internet, WHAT you’re saying, HOW you’re saying it to, and WHO you’re saying it to matters.

Words are the most powerful tool to sell your services.

You need to employ strategic texts that will help you achieve your goals.
Hello! I’m Xavier Lannes.
I'm a Certified Copywriter

I want to help you connect with your client through words so you can increase your sales.

To sell your services and products you need to learn to write emotional texts.

Many coaches, nutritionists, and therapists are unable to distinguish themselves from their competition.

You are unique.

So, your copy should not only transmit the value of your offer but it also should be UNIQUE.

That uniqueness is what you need to be able to get the heart of the people that need your services to resolve their problems and improve their lives...
To help you find your inner voice, I've created "8 Seconds Copywriting Class" to quickly help you connect with your customers thanks to the power of your landing page copy.

This fast-paced class will help you write persuasive texts for your landing page in 7 steps

Learn to write copy that seduces and convinces your clients that you are the solution that they are looking for

Yes, I’ve created "8 Seconds Copywriting Class" to help you to write authentic, persuasive and irresistible texts for your web page

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That what you'll master after taking my "8 Seconds Copywriting" training:
  • Ideal client: you’ll thoroughly know who your Ideal Client is and how to seduce them with adequate words
  • Unique Proposal of Value: you’ll learn to distinguish yourself from the competition & to show your authentic value as a professional
  • Transformation: you’ll identify what the transformational process of your clients is and how to use it to your favor in your content
  • Transformation Story: write your own transformation story to emotionally connect with your clients
  • Structure: you’ll learn to structure your landing page to make your message more powerful, unique and persuasive
  • Titles: you’ll learn to create titles that hook, that intrigue your reader into reading more and more
  • Testimonials: you’ll understand how to use all the power that comes from testimonials and social tests
  • Copywriting formulas: you’ll learn the principles of the formulas of copywriting for you to employ in your texts
  • CTA: You’ll write Calls to Action that will work like a magnet
  • Security: you’ll write your own texts with security, confidence and without out the help of anyone
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