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Learn Facebook Language in 20 PDF
The following free guides will show you the best material available to learn more about various features of Facebook:

facebook foundational marketing

Foundational Facebook Marketing

Solid foundations are necessary to buttress stable structures. Without a solid tracking foundation & polished user experience, any marketing is worthless. This printable will show you what you need to do to implement the best class website and app tracking, provide a seamless mobile app experience, and get started using their API. (29 pages)

facebook marketing decoded

Facebook Marketing API 101

Build solutions for marketing automation with Facebook ad platform. This Marketing API provides programmatic access to the Facebook Marketing Platform & allows big gains in efficiency by automating many manual tasks taken every day.
DIY PDF to get started & some top tips that we will build on throughout the day.
(26 pages)

facebook real time CRM

Real-Time CRM Integrations

How to leverage existing customers by keeping your CRM data and Facebook data in sync. This free PDF will show the difference between relevant and irrelevant marketing. Learn how to use Facebook Custom Audiences API, Lead Ads API, and Offline Conversion API to maximize how relevant your marketing can be with Facebook. (15 pages)

facebook measurement is crucial

Measurement is Critical

Is that you: "Half the money I spend on Facebook ads is wated; the trouble is, I don't know which half". With the recent launch of the Split Testing and Lift APIs, users are exposed to ads through multiple channels. But correlation des not necesarily imply causation. Applying this scientific method to your marketing is now a reality. (26 pages)

facebook foundational marketing building marketing dashboards

Building Marketing Dashboards

Consume and Combining Insights Data with other sources of data in a simple dashboard is a powerful tool to be able to view data the way that matters to you. Best practices. Types of insights reports.
Learn how it works by using React.js and Redux makes building data driven dashboard easy.
(47 pages)

facebook foundational marketing building messenger bots

Messenger Bots

Messaging is a central experience on mobile, connecting people to people. Increasingly, it is a commercial experience, supporting communication between people and businesses. We will share insights into people’s commercial behavior on Messenger, how to leverage Messenger for Business, and the latest developments with Messenger Platform. (43 pages)

facebook foundational marketing parent child locations

Parent-Child Location Pros and Cons

Your guide for Locations, Structure, Education & Use Cases. Basics & observations, rodamap, betas, examples and recommendations.
With Facebook Locations, you can connect & manage all your business locations on Facebook to power local Pages and local awareness ads (parent-child structure).
(18 pages)

facebook foundational marketing

Build to Break Playbook

Optimize creative for tomorrow and beyound. Average companies focus on profit, good companies focus on value, but great companies focus on building the future. By maximizing use of Facebook’s unique targeting, ad & measurement capabilities, today’s disruptors reach the right audiences with the right message to drive true business growth. (50 pages)

facebook foundational marketing advertising

Advertising on Facebook 101

People are spending more time on mobile and this is changing how people discover and connect with businesses, products, and services. From the Facebook family of apps & services to measurement, this foundational guide will teach you an overview of Facebook’s advertising products, & how to get more out of them. (25 pages)

facebook foundational marketing

Placement Optimization Decision Tree

When you advertise on Facebook, the system automatically identifies the best placements based on your objective. Opting into these placements allows your ads to receive efficient, incremental reach. Your targeting criteria applies across all platforms, so you can reach your ideal audience across the Facebook family of apps. (1 page)

facebook foundational marketing

Optimizing Audience Buying on Facebook & Instagram

Running campaigns simultaneously across different digital platforms give advertisers w/extended reach into new audiences as well as the ability to reach pre-existing audiences in a more cost-effective manner. This guide measure the effectiveness of optimizing audience buying to deliver value to brand advertisers. (14 pages)

facebook foundational marketing

Placement Optimization Pitch Deck

This document features placement case studies. How to reduce your cost per action, cost per install, and achieve a better ROI. Links to facebook case studies. (9 pages)

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