Learn how to write professionally with this affordable copywriting course

Learning to write well isn't an easy task. Most writers — even professional ones — are constantly working to improve and refine their writing skills. Thankfully, this course will help you get better.

copywriting checklist

What is inside this course?

  • Creative Copywriting - How To Get Started
  • Copywriting Hacks For Appealing Content
  • Copywriting Research
  • Copywriting Tools And Resources
  • Copywriting Techniques Taken From Psychology
  • How To Craft A Headline For Maximum Conversions
  • Copywriting For Web Pages
  • Essential Copy Elements Every Sales Page Should Have
  • And much more (see complete list below)

This fast copywriting program will introduce you to a range of aspects of content creation, including:

  • Web content
  • Blogging
  • Ad content
  • Advertorials
  • Press releases
  • Writing headlines
  • Brochure & flyer content
  • Social media content

copywriting checklist


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You get these 18 Different Checklists that you can easily follow to make sure your COPY is as persuasive as it can be! SIMPLE, FAST & EFFECTIVE.

1.Creative Copywriting: How to Get Started Copywriting process can be divided in small and simple steps to ensure that everything goes smooth and you don't get a writer's block! This checklist will help you to be confident that your ideas, as well as your copy, are as compelling as it can be!

2. Copywriting Hacks for Appealing Content When it's all said and done, your customers decide, with their money, if your copy is good or not. And these powerful hacks will help you to make sure your copy will make them open their wallet even before you publish it!

3. How to Do Copywriting Research Research is a big part of successful copywriting. This checklist will help you do your research in away that it will allow you to find your customers' biggest pain points and position your offer as the best solution!

4. Copywriting Tools and Resources Copywriting sometimes can become complicated. But fortunately there are tools that can make the process WAY easier! In this checklist you will find the best tools and resources that will make writing as simple as can be!

5. Copywriting Techniques Taken From Psychology When writing a persuasive copy, psychological techniques can be very powerful... It's very important to pull certain triggers in your prospect's mind to achieve the results you want! In this checklist you will find the most POWERFUL copywriting techniques taken from psychology that will make your visitors drool over your offers!

6. How to Craft a Headline for Maximum Conversions Headline is what grabs your visitor's attention and makes them stay on your website. It's probably the most important element on your page and it must be as persuasive as possible! This checklist will help you to make sure that your headlines are exactly that!

7. Copywriting for Webpages A well-written website copy is similar to a good handshake, it helps to convey professionalism and not only that it promotes trust and engages with your visitor. This checklist will help you craft compelling and the most amazing copy for your websites!

8. The Essential Copy Elements Every Sales Page Should Have Every great copy has a formula behind it! In this checklist you will find a SOLID and PROVEN TO WORK formula that will ensure your copy is one of the best!

9. Copywriting for Sales Videos Video Sales Letters currently are one of the most popular forms of selling! Simply because they work! Use this checklist to put together POWERFUL and PERSUASIVE Video Sales Letter of your own!

10. Tips for Ads Copywriting If you are running ads there's no way you can do it successfully without being able to write a solid ad copy! In this checklist you will find a proven formula that will allow you to create ads that literally flood your salespages with customers!

11. A Guide to Social Media Copywriting In this checklist you will learn some extra tips and hacks how you can get the most out of your remarketing campaigns.

12. Direct Response Copywriting Direct Response writing is extremely effective in getting your readers to take immediate action. In this checklist you will find a formula for writing a KILLER direct response copy!

13. How to Do Email Copywriting? Email copywriting is a task that requires creativity and strategy. However, it does not have to be an activity that you dread or hesitate from. In this checklist you'll discover how to write extremely EFFECTIVE and FUN emails!

14. How to Get Paid For Your Skills as a Copywriter? Want to become a copywriter? This checklist will give you the exact steps you can take to start getting paid for your skills TODAY!

15. How To Do Copywriting for Newsletters? Newsletters are a great medium and source for keeping in touch with one’s valued clients and prospects. They help you in building relationships with your customers! This checklist will help you out with crafting compelling copy when writing a newsletter!

16. Copywriting Grammar Tools, Spell Checkers and Extensions When writing copy we all make errors and typos, it's inevitable. In this checklist you will find tools you can use that will help you correct them in no time!

17. SEO Copywriting Checklist SEO copywriting is a bit more complicated because not only you have to write a compelling copy, you also have to make sure to include certain keywords. However this checklist will make SEO copywriting a lot easier!

18. Checklist of Copywriting Questions You Need To Ask Yourself A good copywriter plans out a questionnaire for himself before he starts to write down a single word. This checklist will help you ask the right questions!

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copywriting checklist

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