Your job is to make the best products.
Mine is to convince the world that you are damn right!

With MyAdGency, you have access to the best Content Marketers, Bloggers, Editors and Copywriters for your website!

Choose the optimum quality and price for your content

Copywriting that $ells your product!

Hiring a copywriter can be critical; especially if you’ve never done it before.
In order to eliminate the "emotion" shock and the guesswork, you need to read the part called "My Rates" so that you know whether or not we’re a good fit before we even speak.

If you don't agree with my rates, I will understand and wish you good luck


how to make money with a blog

Founder & Managing Director of the digital agency MyAdGency.Com, specialized in Logo design, infographics, copywriting, landing pages, Funnels, email marketing, content marketing and Facebook ads.

Xavier is "Certified Digital Marketing Professional", also has several ecomm websites that he has run for almost 2 decades, so he knows a thing or 2 about internet marketing.


I quote per project, and I allocate the number of hours to work on it.
Here’s why it's a win-win situation.
You define the level of precision you want for your copy; I determine the number of hours I spend on it.
Which means I quote for value. You can ask for a basic job, or an enhanced job and I provide the quotation. That eliminates any surprises: you know exactly what your copy will cost you and why.

I’m going to ask you a tricky question…
…what’s your budget?
This is why I'm asking this:
People have very different ideas of how much copywriting should cost and how to rate the value of a copy.

It works like this: say you have a car and you need to wash it.

You have several options:

  •  you can wash it yourself (or ask your kids). Cost is nothing, but you'll certainly spend 45mn to 1 hour to do it
  •  you can go to the regular car wash who's charging $10, and you get a clean car in less than 10mn
  •  you can go to a premium car-wash that's going to charge you $50 and your car will look shiny, appealing, like new inside and out

Copywriting is the same thing as car-washing.

So, that's why I'm asking you how much you want to pay for that copy.
And that's why I need to make sure we’re both on the same page before we start working on anything.

I charge $40 per hour. My minimum project time is for 4 hours. Any project will cost you a minimum of $160, but most of my projects are over $700. After the initial 4-hour fee, I charge $40 per extra hour.

Turn your ideas into cash
with the help of a professional copywriter!


Let's say you need a copy for a short landing page of about 200 words.

I could wrap up the copy in 4 hours, but here is what the result would be:

  •  Your text will easy to read, typo free with correct grammar and flowing sentences
  •  I am not going to do any research
  •  I am not trying to write a dozen headlines to pick the best one
  •  I am not going to lose my sleep because I know a particular sentence could be better
  •  I guarantee the result will be okay

That's what I call a basic job. Don't get me wrong; sometimes, a basic job is good enough

Now, say I spend 8 hours on the same 200-word text. Because copywriting is a psychological science and I know the formulas to help your business grow, this is what the difference will be:

  • After writing the 1st draft, I will take the next 4 hours to enhance it via research because great copywriting always require a lot of research
  •  I will find better words, better text structure, the text will show more confidence, consiseness and clarity
  •  I will reduce its volume (i.e. say more with fewer words -very difficult)
  •  I will enhance its readability (adapting the text to a targeted audience via a scoring scale)
  •  The result will be a direct correlation between your copy and your revenue

So, the exact same text of 200 words could cost you $160 (basic job) or $320 (enhanced job)

Of course, I can make even better than an enhanced job. For example, I can write a survey beforehand to ask people what they are looking for when they buy your product, so I know exactly what words to use. I can design a landing page, a thank you page, an upsell and downsell page, emails follow-up, etc.

But this is in the mid to upper $5k.


Do you feel alone running your business?
Not enough hours in the day to write your marketing? 
I can help!

Do you need a Content Writer or a Direct Response Copywriter?

You are looking for a Copywriter, but maybe you only need a Content Writer...
Maybe it sounds the same to you, but the difference is huge...

Content Writer
A content writer is someone who writes blog posts, ebooks, articles, and YouTube descriptions. The resulting texts writing summarize, engage, introduce, and educate. Often, these are really what your business needs.
The purpose of the writing is to interest the reader.

Direct Response Copywriter
Direct response copywriters add sales psychology, human behavior, copywriting technique to their copy to make people TAKE ACTION. They write things like ads, sales pages, and landing pages.
The purpose of the copy is to CONVERT.


Out there, it's a jungle! Who's gonna notice you?
You see the yellow guy?
That's what we do: we color in yellow your copy so that you stand out from the crowd!

What do you need?

This has to do with with the part of your funnel you are in:

- funnels for copywriting Top Of The Funnel (TOFU): you have a lot of high volume writing like daily emails, guest posts, blogs, etc. But you need this writing just to bring the attention of your readers to your blog. TOFU writing is made to attract NEW customers.
At this point, you just need a regular writer, because YOU DON'T WANT TO SELL

- Middle of the Funnel (MOFU): this refers to assets that reach leads who are already in your database. At this stage, content is created to align a buyer’s needs to relevant products or features, gauge a prospect’s readiness to buy, and move the right people closer to purchase. Mid-funnel channels and tactics include: Email marketing, Marketing automation, Webinars, Live events, Case studies, Comparison guides Videos The goals for content in MOFU are to: Nurture leads, Build and monitor purchase intent. The content is mostly persuasive, educational, targeted
At this point, you might need a good Copywriter, because YOU WANT TO START SELLING 

- Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU): This is the "purchase" stage, where people already figured out that they need the product you are selling, they just need a push. At this stage, you don't need content, you need strong marketing techniques and psychology to tilt a decison. Copy has to be written depending on your buyer's commitment, the price of the product (Short Copy vs Long Copy)
At this point, only a good Copywriter will write COPY THAT SELLS.

You need to use TOFU for traffic and MOFU-BOFU for conversion


Now is your turn:

  • Do It Yourself,
  • or Done For You

How does that translate for your budget?

  1.  We define for what part of the funnel you need your copy
  2.  we define how long your text should be
  3.  I estimate the minimum time to write a reasonable copy (basic job) that will work for your company on the basis of a TOFU writing
  4.  If you need a copy for a MOFU or BOFU, I double the number of hours needed to achive the copy
  5.  The more hours you add, the better your copy will be.

My lead time is 1-2 weeks; depending on the complexity of your project

Payment in full is required beforehand for all projects under $10,000 USD

If we determine we’re a good fit after a phone call, I email you a quote attached to a project proposal. In order to nab your start date, I need to receive full payment so that I can comfortably turn down other projects. If you need to send information, texts, pictures etc, it has to be done at least 48h before the starting date. If I do not receive enough information, your project will be delayed without penalties for me. If you cancel the project within a week of the start date, I’ll refund half of the total project fee. After this point, your payment is non-refundable. I’ve never been asked for a refund.

I accept all credit cards and all payments via Paypal

I send digital invoices via Paypal or by email (when the job is complex).

So, there you have it. Any other questions? Think we might be a good fit? Then let’s get started…

If you have read "My Rates" and you agree with it, you can go to the NEXT STEP If you don't agree with "My Rates", click below.


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