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Xavier Lannes here,

Xavier Lannes Digital Marketing Certification I’m sure you know that in the last 6 months, HotMart has become one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world. It has taken over affiliate marketers by surprise. HotMart is the place where most people usually start their internet marketing careers.

Not only that, but HotMart is also directly responsible for changing lives. It has recently created a lot of successful 6 figure & even 7 figure marketers.

And really… That’s no surprise because HotMart gives you the PERFECT affiliate platform! It has everything you would ever need to run a successful digital marketing business from your home.

On top of that, did you know that HotMart gets over 1.5 million unique monthly visitors to their website?

I’m sure you realize that it’s a MASSIVE amount of traffic that YOU can tap into!

And whether you are an affiliate marketer or a digital product creator….

You Must Take Advantage Of It!

OK, I understand that if you are brand new to affiliate marketing it can be overwhelming & confusing...

Nobody likes to:
  • think and figure out what are the effective ways of promoting affiliate offers
  • find a PROVEN system for launching your own product
  • learn how to leverage the network itself for maximum results
I understand...

All of this can be really hard to figure out on your own!

But it doesn’t have to be!


Let Me Guide You With My Roadmap For Guaranteed Success!

Let me put it for you this way…

If you are looking for the most straightforward path to success with Affiliate Marketing using HotMart...

That’s exactly what you are going to get with this Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit Training.

Whether you are going to do affiliate marketing or launch digital products…

You will find the most important information all in one place.

I have reunited years of experience and knowledge; condensed everything and put them into
  • 9 modules
  • 40 extended lessons
  • 20 easy-to-implement videos (in bite-size chunks to avoid indigestion)
  • 18 rapid-fire checklists
That will guarantee an immediate success with HotMart!

Become a Successful Affiliate Partner with 1.5 Million Affiliate Marketing Opportunities.
create your affiliate marketing account

Here is what you will learn with my
Affiliate Marketing Quick Starter Kit Training

Module 1

Welcome To MyAdGency Affiliate Program
  • Before You Start Anything
  • Welcome To MyAdGency Affiliate Program
  • What is taught in the course & to whom is it for?
  • ​Who is this training for?
  • ​Information about the training support

Module 2

  • How to register in the MyAdGency.Com affiliate system?
  • How to find the links to share?
  • How to find the links to share?


Module 3

Promotional Material
  • How to register in the MyAdGency.Com affiliate system?
  • Promotional Texts
  • Promotional Pictures / Photos / Graphics
  • Promotional Videos

Module 4

How much Will I make
  • ​The Affiliate Program: You are The Affiliate
  • How is your commission calculated
  • ​How does the refund system work?
  • How does tracking work in the affiliate system?
  • Register bank details to receive commissions
  • ​How do I check my sales

Module 5

What to promote?
  • Essential Oils
  • Infoproducts

Module 6

How To Get Your Readers To Convert
  • Tools needed to master Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Build Trust?
  • Importance of Click-Through Rates
  • The Value Of A Bonus
  • Worksheet: My bonus Ideas
  • How to Generate Success

Module 7

Strategies & Ways To Promote Affiliate Links
  • Introduction to Different Strategies
  • Creating Successful Affiliate Reviews
  • Teaching With Tutorials
  • Using Interviews to Drive Sales
  • The Money is in Your List
  • Blogging to Success

Module 8

Extra Tips To manage Your Affiliate Marketing Business
  • How to Keep Track Of Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions
  • Creating Successful Affiliate Reviews
  • Teaching With Tutorials
  • Using Interviews to Drive Sales
  • The Money is in Your List
Module9: Conclusion

Here are what the 18 rapid-fire Affiliate Marketing Check Lists look like

create your affiliate marketing account

1. Creating your HotMart Account (Bonus Hotmart Do’s and Dont's)

Wanna start your career as a digital entrepreneur? This first checklist will give you an introduction to the HotMart platform, will help you sign up for an account & become an affiliate. Through years of experience with both affiliate marketing & teaching other affiliate marketers, I have come to the conclusion that there are 10 main mistakes new affiliate marketers make.
That's what the 2nd part of my list is about 10 HotMart Do's & Dont's!

2. Getting your Affiliate HotLinks & Tracking ID’s

If you are an affiliate marketer, you need to know how to get your affiliate links & tracking ID's. Even if you are a beginner, when you make a sale, you want to know WHERE the sale came from. This enables you to know which pages are converting well so you can grow and scale that campaign. It will also help you how to identify the origin of the sales.
This checklist will show you the proper steps to find & use your hotlinks!
affiliate marketing links
affiliate marketing program payments

3. How to Get Paid with HotMart?

With Hotmart, you can make a living out of your passions & share what you really know & love. Best thing is you don’t have to invest or pay anything to get started! Whether you are an affiliate or a publisher, this marketing checklist not only will show you how to set everything up in order to get paid but also you will learn how to make money on the Internet with Hotmart!

4. How to Promote HotMart Offers?

Running a special offer to attract customers?

No matter how good your new product or service, it won't do as well as you deserve unless you promote it properly.
Try these road-tested techniques thanks to this checklist that will give you the exact steps for promoting all HotMart offers to get maximum results!
affiliate marketing program offer
affiliate marketing program reporting

5. HotMart Reporting for Affiliates

When doing affiliate marketing analytics are super important! To be able to optimize your promotions and get the best results possible you need to track and monitor your campaigns! This checklist will show how you can access your reports and analytics inside of HotMart!

6. Finding Upcoming HotMart Offers to Promote

To have successful affiliate promotions you need to make sure you are promoting reliable products that convert. It's crucial to your success as an affiliate marketer. This checklist will show you how to find products that are worth promoting!
how to promote affiliate marketing program
affiliate marketing training

7. How to Succeed as an Affiliate with MyAdGency

When you think of affiliate marketing success, you normally think of mobile campaigns, Facebook affiliates etc. Check these unforgettable affiliate marketing success stories for you to get inspired and start earning money like the pros!
There are many paths to becoming a successful affiliate with MyAdgency but in this checklist, you will find the most surefire way to become one FAST!

8. Setting up your HotMart Payment Link

If you decide to launch your very own digital product on HotMart you will have to set up your payment link which is basically a link that directs your customer to an order form where they can purchase your product. This checklist will show you exactly how to start in Affiliate Marketing & how to create those payment links!
affiliate marketing program payments
affiliate marketing program test purchase

9. How to Run a Test Purchase

When you fully setup your product you need to make sure everything works properly, for that you need to make a test purchase. Whenever promoting an offer, put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer & opt in to test the vendors’ follow up sequence.
Nothing breaks a reader’s trust more than being led to a promotion that will blow up their inbox. This checklist will guide through a test process!

10. HotMart Approval Checklist

When launching a product on HotMart not every single product gets approved. Not only you need to get the pricing correct, but also your eBook or training design, your Landing Page...
There are many things that come into play to get your infoproduct approved...

This checklist will give you the guidelines and things you need to avoid in order to get your products successfully approved!
affiliate marketing program
affiliate marketing program

11. How to Block Affiliates on HotMart?

When launching products affiliates are amazing, they help you grow your business and make sales. However, at times for different reasons (link cloaking, operating more than one account,auto-tag, etc...) you might have to block a specific affiliate from promoting your product. And this checklist will show you how to do that!

12. Making use of HotMart Marketplace for Research

HotMart marketplace is a wonderful place where you can find really valuable information and see what products are converting and what industries are trending currently. This checklist will show you exactly how to extract the most valuable information out of the HotMart marketplace!
affiliate marketing program
affiliate marketing program

13. How to Attract Affiliates for your HotMart Offer?

Being a publisher, one of the most crucial and beneficial things you can do to expand your business is to find good affiliate marketers who can promote your product. You've got a great product or service. You're ready to rock your affiliate program. All that's missing? The affiliates.
In this checklist, you will learn exactly the 10 steps to attract the perfect Affiliate to your product!

14. How to Buy Advertising on HotMart?

If you are launching your own product HotMart is a perfect place to advertise on! In this checklist, you will learn exactly how to do that!
affiliate marketing program
affiliate marketing program

15. How to Use Sales Flow Tools: HotMart

Sales Flow Tools are software that allows a person's sales to process faster, better and cheaper. HotMart has a number of sales flow tools as well and in this checklist, you will learn exactly how to use them!

16. How to Add an Upsell to your Offer in HotMart?

An upsell is a technique where you entice a customer to buy more. Once the customer has completed purchasing the initial product you can present them up to three additional offers. These are very important because they help you maximize your profits. Upselling is something all online businesses should consider.
In this checklist, you will learn how to add and set them up!
affiliate marketing program
affiliate marketing program

17. How to Add Multiple Sales Pages?

To have multiple sales page can be of great benefit as it can be helpful for split-testing different sales copy or even websites. With affiliate marketing, you can literally start making money almost straight away. In this checklist, you will learn exactly how to that!

18. How to Sell to Different Languages on HotMart

If you’re a veteran HotMart vendor who has a successful product in English or if you are a new vendor who has a product that would attract to an international audience, putting your product out in a foreign language is a brilliant way to tap into a huge market for your products.
And in this checklist will show you how to do that!
affiliate marketing program

Why should you be interested in Affiliate Marketing?

Each month, there are thousands of Google searches for high ticket related keywords such as “high ticket affiliate marketing” & “high ticket affiliate programs”.
There are also millions of searches related to making money online and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing revenue in the United States alone is $5 billion!

You can be part of that!!

There is a lot of interest in affiliate marketing and high ticket affiliate marketing.
A lot of online marketers know that it makes a lot of sense to promote high ticket offers.
However, most of them end up making a lot of mistakes. As a result, they make very little money if anything at all.
There is a high demand for sound advice on making high ticket sales so that affiliate marketers can be compensated well for their efforts.

This high-quality high ticket sales guide will be extremely useful for you in your market.
This training is for you if you ever asked yourself:
  • How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website Using WordPress & Bluehost
  • How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Blog Step-By-Step
  • How To Discover Good Niches For Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Do a Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketing
  • Is There Money In Affiliate Marketing?

You Need To Do To Sell Infoproducts, Like…
Writing a Salespage That Converts..
Creating Email Swipes That Engage Your Audience...
Making Other Marketing Collateral Like Banners To Generate Traffic...

What if There Was AN EASIER WAY?

What if you could shortcut the system & have a ready-to-go product that you could sell and put money in your PayPal account with today?

Luckily, You Can...

With My Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit ...

You’re probably thinking that it all sounds great, but unfortunately, the training is just the first step...
What about selecting the products, writing the Landing Page, the email swipes, the graphics?

I have figured it out for you. When you go through my training, I follow-up with a load of infoproducts read-to-use.
I have done all the tedious marketing job for you.

And the best surprise? Your commission on all eBooks is 60%. Some few products even have an 80% commission...

And guess what? After you take the training, all of that is FREE...
You don't have to pay for the following tools...
  • the email swipes
  • the marketing strategy
  • the landing page
  • the graphics
  • the cart
  • the platform

Here is how easily you become a Super Affiliate Marketer with MyAdgency & HotMart

affiliate marketing program 1.
Subscribe to the platform and create your profile, fill out all forms, including bank profile
affiliate marketing program 2.
Search products and choose the ones that best resonate with you or your audience
affiliate marketing program 3.
Evaluate the temperature and Blueprint of the infoproducts you have chosen
affiliate marketing program 4.
Request affiliation to the all the infoproducts you have chosen -one by one
affiliate marketing program 5.
Use the HotLinks to promote the infoproducts, look for the promotional material
affiliate marketing program 6.
Include sales material in your emails, website, text messages, videos, social media
affiliate marketing program 7.
Start making sales to all your clients and prospects
affiliate marketing program 8.
Get your commissions and transfer your earnings to your bank account
Now, you have 2 options


Learn By Yourself
Although there’s nothing wrong with looking for free resources on the internet, it can be extremely time-consuming or hazardous if you decide to go for the FREE option...
It can easily take 100 hours or more to find the right training and find the right network. Maybe another 50 hours to create any marketing materials, write the sales copy, do the graphics, and get it all online… And that’s if you know what you’re doing!
Likewise, how do you know if the free training you found will work? Do you think people would give it away for free if it had any value?


Invest in MyAdGency Starter Kit
You’ll get a professionally created, up-to-date training that will show you what to do, and ESPECIALLY, what NOT TO DO when starting an Affiliate Marketing business. You'll get infoproducts that people not only want but need. And they are all ready: you can start selling TODAY and cash tomorrow...
No spending weeks creating a product or waiting for someone else to finish the job...
You can be live as soon as you click the button below, and for MUCH, MUCH less than what you’d spend if you outsourced the whole thing…
Don't delay start this training, create your account at HotMart and make connections between your audience and the best products in the market.
Excellent sales commissions.
For each sale you make, you will receive a commission which can be up to 80% of the total value of the product.
Possibility of scalable business.
You do not need to have a product to start your digital business.
Register and start affiliating now to the best products in the market.

How Much Is This Package Worth To You?
Let’s do a quick recap of what’s the real value of this complete Affiliate Marketing Quick Starter Kit system:
Training Affiliate Marketing Quick Starter Kit!

Part 1: 40-Extended lessons $37

Part 2: 20-Easy to implement result-oriented videos (in bite-size chunks) $57

Part 3: 18 rapid-fire checklists $17

Total value: $111.00
And what if you turned Affiliate Marketer with free stuff from the internet?
Good luck with that... How would you know that free stuff is working?
Plus, imagine all the time spent on just looking out for free chunks of training here & there...
That's several weeks or even months working and NOTHING ELSE – say GOODBYE to that family and social life.

But you don’t have to worry about that because I already created the whole training you.

That’s why as a smart entrepreneur, you’d see the insane value in this package even if we were to sell it for $111.

But listen…

I understand that, because you are just starting, and because of budget constraints, you don't want to invest that much...
OK, I'd like to give you a fair chance to really benefit from this unique opportunity because it is just so good!

The price will be NOWHERE close to the figure quoted above.


I’ll SHOCK you.

For this special introductory offer, you get everything mentioned above at a massive 80% discount…
That’s LESS than the price of a meal.
So here’s the question you should ask yourself now: “Can I really afford to pass-by this amazing offer?”
Seriously… it’s just unthinkable!
There's nothing like it on the market.
Use the coupon AFFDEAL & get 80% off.
You just pay $111; $22.20
(use coupon AFFDEAL)

Xavier Lannes Digital Marketing Certification Page Summary: Adding a new income stream to your business may seem like a headache, but becoming an affiliate marketer with MyAdGency & HotMart is one of the simplest income streams to set up & automate. This easy-to-follow & dead-simple Affiliate Marketer Starter Kit Training will show you how to start affiliate marketing today & make tons of money in the way.

Xavier Lannes is a Certified Copywriter, Certified Content Marketing Strategist, and Comprehensive Creative Designer at MyAdGency.Com who helps entrepreneurs move their startups to the next level.
You want to grow your business, right?
You want people to visit your Facebook page, your website or blog and say “Wow! Sign me up!” right?
Start by using this easy training.
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Xavier Lannes Digital Marketing Certification

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